Stanford professor Clayborne Carson joins Daniel to appraise Martin Luther King’s role in the civil rights movement.

Stanford professor Bert Patenaude joins Daniel to examine the singular life of Alexander Kerensky, the Russian revolutionary overthrown by the Bolsheviks in 1917. 

Historians Joey Cain and Will Roscoe join Daniel to share an intimate portrait of their close friend, the ‘Father of Gay Liberation’, Harry Hay.

Artistic director Susan Claassen transports us to the Golden Age of Hollywood, vividly telling the pioneering story of costume designer Edith Head—the winner of eight Academy Awards.

Lynn Sherr, friend and biographer of Sally Ride, reveals a complex and extraordinary figure who was both destined for greatness and eager to inspire a generation of young women.

Stanford professor Gavin Jones joins Daniel to champion the merits of a much-loved author disdained by the literary elite: John Steinbeck.

A brief introduction to a series exploring the life and work of major figures connected to Stanford University. Expert guests will join host Daniel Rey to discuss John Steinbeck, Sally Ride, Edith Head, Harry Hay, Eunice Kennedy Shriver, Alexander Kerensky and Martin Luther King. 


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